Sally has spoiled me for other teachers. She brings her perceptive and humorous insight to her classes, expanding a mere class to a community and space for meditative thought and practice. As a yoga teacher, Sally brings the rare gift of a lack of vanity, seeing herself (as do all spiritual teachers of depth) not as an elevated guru, but instead as a practitioner herself, whose time and thought devoted to yoga allows her to be a guide to others. Because of this unaffected perspective, she makes students of all ages and abilities feel comfortable in her classes, and as though they can achieve whatever they desire.

Sally is fabulous. She is knowledgeable, very skilled, flexible and lovely. She has great energy and both the experience and desire necessary to make her classes fun, interesting, gentle, and a great workout. And she is very, very funny. Sally is the best yoga instructor I have ever had. I highly recommend her for beginners and advanced students.

Sally is very perceptive, and everyone is special to her. She makes herself aware of all her students’ conditions, both their physical health issues and emotional needs. Her knowledge of the body and of everything Yoga is amazing. I highly recommend going on retreat with her if you are able. Being with Sally for a weekend is such a valuable experience, as she offers ways to integrate the principles of yoga into our lives.